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  • Epithelial tissue
  • Connective tissue
  • Muscular tissue
  • Nervous tissue
  • Composition and functions of blood
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  • Connective tissue proper

  • Features
  • Division


  • considerable participation in metabolism
  • big regeneration abilities
  • no hard substances


    Flaccid tissue
  • built of reticular fibres
  • surrounds muscles, vascular system, nervous, system

    Compact tissue
  • built of collagen fibres
  • arrangement of fibres
  • forms tendons
  • forms skin

    Fatty tissue
  • division into: yellow and brown
  • makes a metabolic reserve
  • storage of neutral fat in cell cytoplasm
    thermoregulative function
    Reticular tissue
  • very delicate
  • many blood vessels
  • forms lymph nodes
  • forms bone marrow stroma

    Embryonal tissue
  • present in embryonal period only
  • no fibres

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